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Manual Punching Machines

Ecco Line
All ECCO LINE machines are equipped with 28 t punching pressure (40 t on request) and Trumpf Tooling System.

All models are equipped with:
- constant punching pressure
- maintenance free hydraulic drive
- one stripper holder per plate
- two different stroke lengths

The ECCO LINE earns money with:
- small and medium series
- single pieces and prototypes


CNC Punching Machines

Ecco Line Rotation
The machine series ECCO LINE paves the way for economic CNC Punching.  Our machine with sheet clamping and automatic repositioning offers the user efficiency for different batch sizes as well as one of production.


In a joint effort with the fine plasma technology firm of Kjellberg, Boschert has developed a cost effective alternative to combination laser/punch machines.

Because of the advances in fine plasma technology in recent years, it is now possible to cut even thin gauge sheet metal with very high quality.

An additional advantage of the Boschert CombiCut is that our EccoLine, TWIN and TRI Machines can all be equipped with plasma.  With this versatility Boschert can meet all customers’ requirements


The COMPACT Punching machine from Boschert is the perfect machine for the first time user of CNC punching technology.

Advantages: user friendly graphic programming, high quality with low cost, small floor space requirements.

Extremely flexible: Heavy duty C-frame allows working of over sized sheets by using turning and automatic repositioning function

The COMPACT from Boschert represents over 50 years experience in building high quality sheet metal machinery.


The machines of the TRI series are equipped with three independent punch heads. Using three tools or even a REVOTOOL enables sheet metal machining with several tools, giving the innovative benefit of no tool change.


The machines of the TWIN series are equipped with two independent punch heads. The Twin models equipped with both rotation and revotool can, for example, utilise a parting tool with 360o stepless rotation in head 1 for punching of all contours and utilise a 8-station Revotool in head 2 for punching of 8 different holes. This gives the innovative benefit of working without tool change